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What is "the story" behind this birthday?

Recently I posted a FB picture of my sister Sarah's first birthday. It prompted the search by sister Pat to dig through the treasure trove of family pictures to find yet another celebration. The question immediately asked, "Whose birthday was it? Bettye's or Pat's?The "eldest" sister immediately pointed out the four candles and claimed it as "her day.". (This is certainly the ONLY time I remember Bettye ever claiming to be the oldest!!).

The second response, was a comment by sister #2. "Neither one of us looked too happy. " My "unbiased" theory as the youngest in the family, based on years of observing these two sisters and their personality traits, the moments leading up to this picture must have gone something like this:

Bettye was just told by our mother that she had to be nice and share "her" cake with Pat. Sharing is not a predominate personality trait of this particular sister. Pat, on the other hand, was unable to be to be excited about the cake that she was about to share, for more than likely Bettye threatened her with some "older" sister form of torture if she did dared ask for anything but a very small slice.

An additional thought about this picture: Note the well-above-the-ankle grass these two are sitting in. Lordy, no modern-day mom would have set the birthday table in the midst of such! Growing up in rural Mississippi begs the next question, "Are they wearing shoes?"

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