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SPRINGHEADS the novel taps the lore of the Moon-Eyed People

A statue that appears to depict moon-eyed people on display at the Cherokee County Historical Museum.

For those readers of Mary Jo Dyre's new novel Springheads, if you enjoyed the real life history shared in a recent post about Geronimo and the author's family, you will find equal interest aound the lore of the moon-eyed people. An ATI news clip references " a local history museum in Murphy, North Carolina, also claims to have a moon-eyed people artifact. They contend that a 19th -century farmer dug up a strange statue on his land, which appeared to depict two people, either standing close together or conjoined, with flat faces."

Dyre uses creative story telling in Springheads to capture a fleeting historical glimpse into the mysterious moon-eyed people. Some contend that the Cherokee called them wretches. Others suggest that at least some of the early moon-eyed settlers eventually mixed and blended with the Cherokee's active contributions to local history.

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