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Transported Back In Time

Martha Grace Cooley welcomed me with open arms to spend some time visiting with her on the Jim and Willie Moore property this past weekend. We initially visited in the house that now sits where the old Moore house once stood. Through shared memories of this land, the house and most importantly the people, the dear people who had been the heart and soul of the place during my growing-up years in Mississippi, Mrs. Cooley and I fell easily into talk and further exploration of the property.

When we made our way into the big barn, then beyond to

the old chicken house, I spotted a pile of concrete. Upon closer inspection I realized these were the steps that lead up to the back porch of the Moore's home. Pushed to the other side was the slab that lead down to the root cellar. To sit on these steps, to look out across the Moore property, to be so close to what will always be a treasured part of growing up, literally left me feeling as if I were on the edge of time where only one step would have transported me back in time.(See the article "Neighbors Provided Best Magic Ever", Grenada Star, Tuesday, October 23, 2018.)

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