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Too Many Knew But...

PROJECT BLU SKY captures an initiative to Right the Future FOR Education. The many challenges of education throughout the onslaught of COVID have served in many ways to fuel a renewed conversation around the topic of how education can and should be done.

Interestingly in the most recent printing of Rich Dad Poor Dad, author Robert T. Kiyosaki captures the following two pieces about education that came out 20 years prior to his 2017 publication:

THE CONE OF LEARNING: Edgar Dale gets credit for helping us to understand that we learn best through action _ doing the real thing or a simulation. Sometimes it's called experiential learning. Dale and his Cone of Learning tell us that reading and lecture are the least effective ways to learn. And yet we all know how most schools teach: reading and lecture.

LIFE AS A TEACHER: Today's millennials are learning the hard facts of life. Jobs are harder to find. Robots are replacing workers by the millions. Learning by making mistakes through trial and error is more and more important. Book learning is proving be less valuable in the real world. No longer does a college education guarantee a job.

You see, we have been told before that a different approach was needed in our schools. Many educators even claim they knew better but for one reason or another were powerless to change how education was unfolding. Was it simply easier to keep educating with the same, tired, old methods even if the lack of results was obvious?

Will enough educators get it right this time around? Will the highly anticipated school year 2021-2022 magically turn the tide of education? Will we wait on legislation to hit all the marks? When will public figures, giants in business and the world of entertainment begin to put their muscle behind the crisis that is building IF we fail to Right the Future FOR Education?

Can one small school make a difference? The Learning Center believes it is indeed possible. This is why we are committed to telling our stories that capture the story of education done right. To impact the national narrative of education, our story will need a bigger stage and a greater reach. No doubt many will tell us it just won't happen. We opt to hold out for those who eventually will share their strength and join our ranks.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE ABOUT THE DESIRE TO RIGHT THE FUTURE FOR EDUCATION: We have taken the first step toward our initiative. The concept of and courage behind the next step, and then yet another "next step" is as powerful as the acorn that grows into a mighty oak tree. Trees eventually result in forests.

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