The Shucker's Trucker...another "down memory lane" with Arnold Dyre adventure

The Duck Hill Mountain Climb brought me home in early February. Apparently there was more adventure in the air, for I was determined to do some much needed research to complete the 4th novel, Dark Spot, in Arnold Dyre's Jake Baker series. I know by now that when a Mississippi escapade is in the making, it is best to call on our personal Uber-style driver Frank Collins to assure the troops get to the desired destination. Upon entering the establishment, sister Bettye, Frank and Jean Collins, Karen Brinke, a friend from North Carolina, and myself quickly took in the appeal of the place.

Within minutes we were meeting the waitress that had served Arnold. Within a few more minutes we were shown to Arnold's regular seat at the bar. We noticed a man watching us. It only took a short time before we were introduced as Arnold's sisters to Lenox Deon, the Shucker's Trucker. Apparently Arnold and Deon had spent many an hour over many a beer discussing many a topic. Deon easily gave over to our endless questions and even enjoyed picture taking. Thanks, our Shucker's Trucker, for making another trip down memory lane with Arnold Dyre a great adventure!

. Bettye Caldwell and Mary Jo Dyre stand behind the chair at Shucker's Oyster Bar, Ridgeland, MS, where our brother sat. Shucker's is frequently mentioned in the Jake Baker Mystery Series.

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