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The First Kiss from a January Daffodil

This pop of yellow ... still holding back from full opening ... showed itself yesterday on a cold, blustery, winter walk complete with snow spitting from the morning sky. I always pick "the first kiss of yellow." By this morning, the warmth of my home had worked its magic.

Flower power ... the ability of one lone bloomer to provide contrast to the winter blues. For all of us who love and tend flowers, we know more will come.

I grew up around women who loved flowers ... loved digging in the dirt, planting these bulbs ... experiencing year after year the magic of the first blooms to seal the promise that more sunshine and more flowers are on the way.

The women who gardened before me, those who taught me to plant and wait, the young ones who watch the art of gardening continue to pass from generation to generation.... all stood with me for the collective intake of breath and the "aah" that followed as my eyes took in this gift.

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