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The Curve Ball

The recent November 18, 2021, blog "Our Niche` as We Reach for the Sky", developed a February 2021 point on the PROJECT BLU SKY timeline: the educational initiative behind the facility replacement project Blu Sky Observatory was put into words. The seemingly simple act of getting an idea into words had the amazing ability to release even more creative energy. As we worked to mold and shape Right the Future NOW FOR Education into the written form, little did we expect March 2021 would herald in an unexpected curve ball.

For years, some of our parents had asked that we start a high school. The timing had not seemed right up to this point. As Ryan Bender, Head of School, often says, "The stars aligned. Based on students' needs and parents' interests, we knew our Community of Learners was ready for another high school choice." The Learning Center Charter School K-8th grade program officially announced the addition of 9th grade starting with school year 2021-2022, with grades 10 through 12 to be added over the course of the next three school years.

The curve-ball need for expansion to a second campus came quickly as enrollment in all grades increased along with increasing the number of grades we serve. The second campus location at 78 Terrace Avenue deserves its own story in future blogs.

PROJECT BLU SKY, presented here in small, timeline increments has all the makings of a powerful narrative that stands to Right the Future NOW FOR Education.

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