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Averages versus Individuals

This past summer I started working with a daring, visionary person from the nearby town of Andrews. NC. When I first extended the invitation to join our core DvG committee, Bob Ferreira assured me in his strong Boston accent that he would be a "disrupter." He explained that, all too often, committees were known for a great deal of talk and very little action. No question, he wanted to roll-up his sleeves only to work with people of lofty goals, high expectations, and the energy and drive to produce the desired results.

Take in the deep wisdom of this recently shared thought:

"All of us are created equal but don't remain so for long, and, hence, since most educational statistics speak to averages not to individuals, we get winners and losers in the short term, and that's what we end up measuring." It's when education is over that we as a society finally ask the hard questions, "What kind of adult do you get and who is measuring that?"

In short, he drew this conclusion: BLU SKY INITIATIVE has grown out of a school, The Learning Center, where the hard questions are being asked early on. The child truly is responsible for the man to be. "To be asked to be a part of that isn't a choice, it's a duty."

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