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The Climb is ON!

Yes, Mother Nature has cooperated with the dedicated climbers who are intent on making the annual trek up Duck Hill Mountain. Two climbs are offered on Saturday, February 8, 2020: at 10:00am and then again at 2:00pm. Please meet at the old Binford High School in Duck Hill by 9:30. I recommend you dress in layers and wear good hiking boots that can manage a somewhat slippery terrain. Surely you are not opposed to a bit of mud? If so, this might not be the hike for you.

Last Saturday's hikers had the privilege of meeting property owner LC Pyles. He enjoyed very much that so many people are participating in the annual climb. I am sharing a picture of LC and hiker Carmen Perkins who came in from Spokane Valley, Washington. Carmen's words put a smile on my face. "That is the best hike I have ever hiked other than hiking up 3 and 4 thousand foot mountains picking huckleberries."

A toast in memory of both Arnold Dyre and his hiking buddy Dave Hovey will be offered after the climb at the base of the hill.

Sure hope to see you there!

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