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School and Parents TOGETHER

Education works best when the school and parents are working together. Learning Center teachers and staff appreciate parents who are involved and engaged with their students' and their educational goals. Over the years we have learned that most parents long to feel welcomed and take pride in being viewed as partners in education. Please, join us for our Annual Parent Fair this Thursday, August 19, 2021, as we begin the official process of welcoming you and your family to school year 2021-2022.

This event is one of many opportunities throughout the school year to meet our teachers, explore our campus and find answers for many questions. We know students enjoy this "preview" of what to expect for the upcoming school year. Please, parents, accept our special invitation to jumpstart a working relationship with Learning Center teachers and staff as a new year of possibility begins to unfold for your learner.

Know that we pride ourselves on making you feel welcomed on our campus. Thank you for entrusting our school with the responsibility of your student's education. Let's have school!

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