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Project Blu Sky Story

I would not have said even a week ago that the time has come to split my blog writing between the ongoing chronicles of The Learning Center story and the narrative of PROJECT BLU SKY. After all, we are still working hard on renovations of the ballroom space of the Kong hotel in hopes to transition our 7th-9th graders into this innovative environment once their out-in-the-community workshop style learning adventure in team building and collaboration comes to an end later in September. Yet, I know the time has come to begin to flesh out for our readers and donors this greater narrative that is driving our school's vision for education .

PROJECT BLU SKY unfolds a Right the Future Vision FOR Education. There is a population of educators, parents, and greater community members who recognize that now is the time to get the future of education right. Together we are laying the groundwork to Right the Future FOR Education.

Starting Thursday, September 2, 2021, the Blu Sky narrative will begin to unfold. Tuesday blogs will stay dedicated to telling the many stories that tell The Learning Center story.

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