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Problem-Based Learning?

No, this is really NOT a school-related article. Just take one look at the accompanying picture to figure that out. I thought the task would be simple. I wanted to turn a Hendrix Gin bottle into a soon-to-be-used-for-Halloween flower vase. No problem, or so I thought.

The back and front labels on the sleek black glass peeled off easily. The sticky residue soon turned into a nightmare. Goo Gone, Barkeepers Friend, nothing worked. Google recommended vodka. "I sent a plea for help to one dear friend. I told her I had been drinking Grey Goose for several hours, and not one bit of the sticky had disappeared!" She quickly set me straight on what I was supposed to be doing with the vodka.

Seriously, I quickly decided that Goose was not going to solve the problem. I pulled out some Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey, 50%alc/vol. 100 proof. The"sticky" budged, but still refused to give up the ghost.

Then I remembered the Mason jar of "shine" from a dear friend over in Graham County, NC. Of course, no labels, no distilling information, no alcohol volume, no quantified proof, only the testimonial of several locals from that mountain community attesting to this statement: "the best moonshine on the face of the earth."

Problem solved: No sticky on the black bottle.

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