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Our Niche` as We Reach for the Sky

The story timeline of PROJECT BLU SKY has, up to this point, focused on the Architect + Educator, with facility details outweighing the educational initiative that has only recently been defined.

PROJECT BLU SKY seeks to create two visionary aspects of education: Facility and the educational initiative that began to be defined by words in February 2021. At that time, the Learning Center Charter School unfolded Right the Future NOW FOR Education with a vision designed to accomplish the following:


Niche: Right the Future NOW For Education in Rural Schools

F = Future-Ready NOW

O = Open Way Learning in the classroom, in outdoor and community settings; organized by the Learner working with teacher facilitators

R = Real life applications and problem solving

Who Desires: The target population in Right the Future NOW is always the student. Fortunately there is also a population of educators, parents and greater community members who recognizes that now is the time to get the future of education right. This Community of Learners, whether locally, regionally or nationally, is well-aware of the seismic shift that has created a society where the knowledge base needed for the future is no longer easily predictable for this generation of learners with easy access to information at any time and in any place.

What’s To Gain: School cultures will transform into opportunities for Lead Learners and Learning Coaches to provide resources and connections within educational environments designed for students to explore diverse tracks, to delve a mile deep into questioning and finding answers, to sometimes fail, to always have the opportunity to try again as students tinker, engineer, and create through the applied use of knowledge.

The 5 C’s of 21st Century Education: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and character will be integrated into all aspects of the learning environments as learning shifts from “what to think” to “how to think”. The 3 R’s will capture the high-stakes characteristics so needed now and in the future: Resilient, Resourceful and Responsible.

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