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"Model" Captures our Mission

Lifting verbiage from Terada Mokei, a small paper craft company, "Replicas and models are often confused for one another.

Replicas are substitutes that you accept when your desire to have the real thing cannot be fulfilled. That is to say they are limitations or reproductions. ...we don't think of 'models' as replacements, but rather a product that represents, in a positive manner, values or points-of-view different from the actual object."

I recently discussed with architect James Hanis the BLU SKY INITIATIVE vision to


He countered with a resounding, "No, don't use the word replicate. "

I added. "But the world of education touts the idea of replicating best schools."

Of course, the obvious then hung heavily in the air. This is why education as a whole keeps getting the same tried results.

In this simplistic discussion, our architect nailed the truth. The limiting word replicate could not capture our intent to impact education on a national level. To Right the Future NOW FOR Education, the BLU SKY INITIATIVE must stay dedicated and focused on a true North Star goal to produce values and points-of-view different from what we have accepted as best practices for 21st century education:


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