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Knee Deep In Writing

Perhaps it is the perfect combo of a rainy Sunday, the recent Knee Deep production by Hill Fire Productions based on my brother, Arnold Dyre's writing, having recently spent time "knee deep" in my own Mississippi roots, but I know that now is the time to get this announcement out there: Arnold Dyre's partial manuscript for this fourth novel in the Jake Baker Mystery Series has been located thanks to some digging on the part of Arnold and Beverly's nephew Blake Hankins. With the encouragement of my sisters and Blake, I am officially taking on the completing of Arnold's fourth novel Dark Spot.

Sarah just knew I needed Arnold's writing desk, and as captured in this photo, it now sits in a place of honor in my house in North Carolina, complete with mementos that draw me in. Yes, every item on this desk has special sentimental, family ties to our roots. In short, I do not walk by the desk without hearing loud and clear, that I have taken on an honored task.

"Your shoes are big, Arnold. You have my word that I will fill them with my best writing." I am certain I hear ADD laughing with enjoyment as I am now immersed in the task of crawling into his head. To all of you who continue to enjoy Arnold's writing, I will keep you posted as to my progress on the project. I am now "knee deep" into the beginning research, having run plot, character and setting lines on all earlier novels.

As of June 2018, I am actively completing the writing of the partial manuscript of the fourth novel in Arnold's Jake Baker Series.

Arnold's Desk

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