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Jump! Of Course...

We've all heard the expression, "He lives up to his name." No question Weston is worthy of his last name.

Weston attended The Learning Center from 2007-2012. In the interview process he immediately recalled the friends he made and the travel opportunities. I am always pleased when a student embraces the school culture and allows the growth to start. One of my fondest memories of Weston took place on a school trip to New York City. No question, Weston was taking in every sight and sound. I literally felt like I could see his "wheels turning" as he took in a Broadway play, enjoyed the very different energy of life in the city, absorbed the Statue of Liberty up close and personal, and so many other "first trip to NYC experiences" that we tried to pack in for our students. Many students are reluctant to try foods that stretch beyond the familiarity of their home. Not Weston. He made a point of telling me he planned to order sushi. At the time our community had no sushi at our local Ingles and no restaurant that served it. Of course, I smiled when Weston shared in our interview that Japan, considered by many to be the sushi capital of the world, is on his bucket list of travel destinations in addition to the western United States, Italy and Norway.

Christine Horne, a middle school ELA teacher, made a significant difference in Weston's life in two ways: "She always encouraged me to improve my writing and she was often a person I could go to for just about anything." Again, as I reconnected with the adult version of this former Learning Center student who has become a published writer, his words moved me. "I would say the 'writing' bug really started in my time during. Mrs. Christie Horne's class because we always had down time to write whatever we felt like after we finished our assignments. Usually, I would write anything from Horror stories, to Westerns, Historical Fiction, and Fantasy."

Currently Weston is working on getting the first book of his new medieval fantasy series The North Star Chronicles out in the world. Jump has three other completed books in this series that he wrote when in college and needed a stress-reliever from his classes. Christy Horner, I know when you read this blog entry, a smile will also spread across your face. I suspect that neither of us is surprised that Weston hopes to see The North Star Chronicles in both movie version and video game series.

Weston attended Tri-County Early College, graduating in 2016. He then went on to Western Carolina University and received a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2018. After spending two years working, he is currently back in school at Western Governors University studying information technology. Weston remains focused on his writing.

This story deservedly ends as it started. I know from experience that paradigm shifts always take place as leaps. I look forward to where the leaps will take this learner, Weston Jump....OF COURSE.

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