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Inspired by Americakes

In addition to my daughter's over-the-top banana pudding, our 4th of July foods included a box of Cakebites "red, white and blue" Americakes. The anatomy this divine dessert captured in one bite is "patriotic sprinkles, rich dark chocolate coating, vanilla cake and chocolate cream."

One of the guests around my dinner table discovered a powerhouse story on the back of the Cakebites box: Confronted with a crisis, generations of Americans, including our parents and grandparents united to overcome a myriad of challenges to forge a new nation. We've come from all over the world to nurture this grand social and political experiment. Easy? Not quite. With hard work and sacrifice, we have, together, built a profoundly good and productive society! How does a small, New Your business salute us? WE BAKE. AMERICAKES: A red, white and blue, made in America, moist vanilla cake, layered over in cream, enrobed in chocolate and covered in a medley of patriotic sprinkles. Patriotic sprinkles? Only patriotic sprinkles. Don't just celebrate America, indulge in it. ..."

These powerful words found on the back of a Cakebites' box led to a deeply, meaningful discussion around my dinner table. I found myself hoping we were not the only family discussing the inspiring truth captured on the "back of a box" about the American dream.

The Learning Center! Charter School always takes an R and R week around the 4th of July. A new fiscal year unfolds as of July 1, and we educators officially embrace the reality that a new school year of awakening potential and possibility in our students is just around the corner. Like Cakebites, our goal and salute to our community is simple: WE EDUCATE. Please, don't "just teach or just attend school." Indulge in this treasured opportunity.

Here's to school year 2021-2022.

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