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How Many Dumpsters Later?

Last Thursday's blog prompted several people to ask for an update on the10,000 sq.ft. renovation project taking place in what has commonly been called "the Ballroom" level of the original Econo Lodge at 78 Terrace Avenue, Murphy, NC.

The picture above captures the first two dumpsters brought to the renovation site at the end of July 2021. The work of taking out all that did not lend itself to an incredibly creative learning space would soon begin. Now, four months and 23 dumpsters later, along with major renovation of every aspect of the original space, we are looking at late January 2022 for occupancy.

Anyone who has tackled a renovation project knows to be prepared for daily adventures. The unexpected is something you can count on. Additionally Covid impacted our work crews, as delays continue to challenge the delivery of much needed material or equipment. Fortunately we have the privilege of working with dedicated and skilled contractors who take pride in their work and know how to ride-out the challenges.

As you look at the above picture, I ask that you look beyond "the start" and see the incredible view from the main floor, a view that captures the beautiful view of blue sky and mountains above the ribbons of highway crossing to form the intersection that leads into the town of Murphy.

What an honor to have our community reach out in support of the undertaking. As people and businesses have given both time and money to our expansion project, our gratefulness grows. We look forward to working with James Hanis Architect as we embrace this historic building and bring it lovingly into its future as a collaborative educational arena designed to grow and add value to our Community of Learners.

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