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Got Sports?

The Learning Center! Charter School is proud to announce the official commitment toward the development of an athletic department. The middle school teams will consist of 6th-8th grades. The high school team will consist of 9th-eventually twelfth grade as we add grades 10th-12th consecutively over the next years. Mike Catuto, Athletic Director, has set the goal to start small with one sport per season and add sports that do not require a minimum number of students to participate in competitions. The sports offering will reflect the needs and interests of our diverse population of students. Cross Country will be offered as our fall sport, wrestling as our winter sport, and Track and Field in the spring.

As a volunteer parent two years ago, Catuto committed to jumpstarting a sports program on our charter campus by offering a wrestling club for 1st-8th graders. The program proved to be a strong opportunity for many Learning Center students. The club approach to sports for grades 1st-5th will be offered during school year 2021-2022.

Catuto shared. "It's challenging to express in words how excited I am about the new sports opportunities for our middle and high schoolers." The response from fellow Athletic Directors and coaches, parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive. Over several years, Mike Catuto has served as Head Wrestling Coach for the school's wrestling club and consistently provided exhibition matches with an emphasis on building experience in all our athletes.

To grow students into their full potential is a driving goal in all Learning Center program offerings. Our school offers a highly regarded School Lunch Program that has received national attention and recognition. Health and Wellness Initiatives are linked strongly to our overall nutrition goals. Catuto confidently added. "Athletics will be another tool in the health and wellness toolbox" that we are dedicated to providing for our students.

Registration details will be available at a to-be-announced date.

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