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Gillon Doors Always Open to Kids

I recall so many weekends and time over the summer months spent in the home of Mr. Earl and Mrs. Peggy. The Gillon doors were indeed open to kids. It also brings a smile to my face to recall how Mrs. Peggy figured if we kids were going to "hang out" in her home and consume unknown quantities of her cooking, she had every right to put us to work. Often, as I walked in the back door with Babs, we were met with this response, " Girls, before you head upstairs, we have some peas to shell. Here, I've got bowls filled and ready for both of you! We need to get this done if more kids are going to show up this evening to make fudge and play music all night." She knew she had us. I was never bothered by the fact that I was put to work, for the good feeling of being a part of this family by far made up for the labor.

Babs had a way of gathering many of the kids around the piano in the Gillon living room. She was talented, and loved to sing. This picture that her brother Bill shared, captures one such moment. R.: "Babs", Tommy Gillon, Gerald Nelson, and Bill Gillon.

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