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Education Defined:"An Aid to Life"

OPEN EDUCATION, NEIGHBORHOOD LIVING, AND PUBLIC HEALTH drive the bold goals of the BLU SKY INITIATIVE. Each element deserves more in-depth explanations. Those descriptions and details will come. Initially it is enough to imagine the strength of the three working together.

  • EDUCATION, the simple command to educate our children well stands as the anchor, the cornerstone from which the other two Essential Element support and sustain transformation.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD LIVING seeks to build the neighborhoods we want to live in and grow the neighbors we want to live next to.

  • PUBLIC HEALTH works through the arts to produce clear public health impacts.

Maria Montessori is credited in her later years with the powerfully strong, yet simplistic definition of education: "An Aid to Life." Her understanding of education left for the next generations offers a foundation, along with other 21st century bellwethers in education, to Right the Future Now FOR Education.

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