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I have had several requests to share more from the bi-monthly columns that run in both the Grenada Star and the Coffeeville Courier:

Nothing Like Going Home

(first published in the Grenada Star)

Family and writing projects have caused me to head home to Mississippi quite a bit over the course of the past several years. In short, there is nothing like going home.

As the frequency of the trips home has increased, I have started making use of a small plane flying service that picks me up just ten minutes from my home in North Carolina. Then, depending on whether we are flying in the Tiger or a Cessna, and whether a tail wind is helping or hindering us, two to three hours later I find myself landing at the Grenada Municipal Airport, lovingly dubbed "Grenada International" by Bettye. With a welcoming, oh-so familiar, deep-South accent, the airport employee begins checking the details of our time in the air.

From my first flight in to my most recent, the airport crew, sometime one, sometime more, has gone beyond the call of duty with offers of sweet tea and coffee, as well as help with the luggage. Typically my pilot is a 24 year old female who looks a great deal like a Barbie Doll (Forgive me, Hannah!), a fact that probably does not hurt the level of attention given as we arrive. On the other hand, I do realize the dedicated county employee is also simply impressed, for this pilot is one of the 4% females with both commercial and small plane licenses in an industry that is predominately male. Always personable, the Grenada Municipal Airport people double check my plans for the departing flight and tell me to enjoy my time in Grenada.(to be continued)

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