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Catch "Knee Deep" at the Afterglow Film Fest

If you are a fan of my brother, Arnold 'Dyre's nonfiction writing, Home is Where the Heart Is or Home Again,  you will not want to miss this upcoming play hosted by Grenada Afterglow Film Festival and based on Dyre's nostalgic story of growing up as a young boy in rural Mississippi.  Also, thanks to the Montgomery County Performing Arts Center for being willing to bring your Hill Fire actors together for what is now the third run of Knee Deep. Mark your October 27, 2018 calendars now to attend this event.

Bettye Dyre Caldwell and Mary Jo Dyre with the awesome Hill Fire cast members who play the roles of Arnold Dyre (Daddy) and Arnold Douglas Dyre (the young boy version) in the play Knee Deep

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