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As our architect James Hanis first shared imagery of Blu Sky Observatory with me starting in October 2019, he simultaneously began to teach me the basics behind the work in spearheading a major capital campaign. I moved forward in blind faith. I had no experience with the world of major fundraising. Most days I felt as if I went back to preschool when it came to the basic knowledge that I needed to navigate the work.

The picture that I used above captures a greater truth that James Hanis instilled in me as I stepped into the unknown with capital campaigns: "Your vision for education and the facility to house such is created, already in existence in the future. It is your job to move the clouds out of the way and bring the vision into full view."

A favorite part of flying had always been the moment of breaking through the clouds, many times dark and foreboding, into the still blue of the sky above. I understand the experience will be similar as I continue the work to bring PROJECT BLU SKY into full view.

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