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Always Behind...maybe not always

As soon as I typed the title, I realized it could easily be applied to some aspect of my life on pretty much a daily basis. Today, mental health services in small, rural schools is at the top of my list as I watch a world struggling with a complex combination of high stress factors.

A longtime friend and mental health worker, readily confirmed that "always behind" has and continues to describe, in general, the state of mental health services in our Appalachian Mountains. The addition of that sad reality to the increased challenges of 2020 begs the question, "Will we ever gain ground in mental health services?

The Learning Center! Charter School entered a contract back in school year 2019 with the mental health component of the company Dot Com Therapy. Our timing was spot on. Their service is professional and accessible whether remote or on campus. I refer to this amazing team of service providers as "Equity Builders" for rural education.

Thanks to the Dot Com Therapy team for providing the tools to embrace "Making Headway" as our new descriptor for our mental health services. We are in this together.

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