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The Pressley Twins

I remember the day these amazing twins enrolled in The Learning Center. Their Appalachian roots run deep in these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as does their musical talent passed down through the generations.

Corie captures their Learning Center story embedded within their own narrative. I am certain you will enjoy this 'twin talent" that spread across our school campus and continues to emerge in a greater community.

This is what Corie has to say:

We both have a lot of good memories about our time at the Learning Center. The staff and teachers were amazing, they went out of their way to make sure learning was fun. I remember a teacher buying race car magazines for me at the time because that's what I was interested in and what I wanted to read. Imagine someone going out of their way like that just to make sure learning Language Arts was fun for me. We also remember our Science teacher Ms. Emily supporting our music. She would let us sing every Thursday for her class and always encouraged us, looking back that did wonders for our confidence. TLC was such a nice environment where we always felt welcomed and appreciated and truly had the support we needed. I wish all schools could be that way.
Upon leaving TLC we went to High School at Tri-County Early College and actually finished and graduated from Murphy High School. However, we often said in our household we sure wished the Learning Center had a high school because that's where we would have gone. We both felt prepared for High School thanks to TLC, especially in math class. After that, we went on to Young Harris College in Young Harris Georgia and both graduated with a Bachelors of Art.
As of today, we both work for ourselves pursuing music and other creative avenues. We play shows, teach lessons, and are creators on YouTube. Katie makes Silver Jewelry and works with rocks, and I also do other things like make soap and crochet. We are so blessed to be self employed.

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