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The Duck Hill Mountain Magic

The people gathered, many in honor of my brother Arnold Dyre. I walked this year remembering both Arnold and his Duck Hill Mountain climbing friend Dave Hovey. Folks came in from near and far. Of the 130 people, an impressive number were first timers with plans to be "next timers." We had a hand-full who walked all three climbs. Rosemary Lancaster said simply, "I think I am hooked."

Many in this picture gathered in Grenada the night before the climb as members of the Between the Covers book club from Jackson and parts beyond. I did enjoy discussing the secrets of the novel DARK SPOT with these ladies. I also found out Hallie Clement can make a dog-gone-good pistachio pound cake.

Bettye Caldwell hosted a new twist on what has now become the ritual Toast" that our brother put into place with his first climb.

Always good to see by long-time friend, Sandra Stroud Howell on this climb.

A hearty thanks to Larry Laster and Nanette Laster for the hard work put into getting the trails ready and the word out.

Mr. LC Pyles, thanks for sharing this wonderful property.

In short, a good time was had by all. Think about walking in honor of one of your family members next year. Mark those first two Saturdays in February 2021 NOW!

As the climbers made their way back down from Duck Hill Mountain, a toast table greeted each group. Cheers to all who get the "magic of the climb."

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