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Blu Sky Initiative:

The stories behind the story of The Learning Center have generated the narrative behind Blu Sky Initiative. Unlike the beginning, middle and end make-up of a good story, narratives lead into and continue with open-ended discussion, deeper understanding and new insights. Please, join in the Blu Sky narrative and discover ways to participate and write the future of education through The Learning Center Charter School.

Chronicler of the Learning Center Story: 

At last, my love of writing meets head-on with my career passion for education as I begin to gather, to chronicle the many stories that tell The Learning Center Story. The writing journey seeks to capture the energy and drive of a Community of Learners whose history and growth, from the founding year of 1983 through the present as a NC Charter School, offer a success roadmap for the future of education.

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Current author projects include SPRINGHEADS, a manuscript awaiting an agent. The compelling tale  merges multiple genres of historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure and fantasy into the intriguing journey of Sarah Baker Bryant. Jake Baker Mystery Fans, be assured Sarah’s middle name links back to the compelling protagonist last seen in DARK SPOT, the fourth novel in the Jake Baker Mystery series.  

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